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Key Information

The Southlands Condos is a new pre-construction condo development by Camrost Felcorp. And 95,000 sq ft of Retail and Commercial. 4-acre site with 4 towers – 60, 60, 45, and 75 floors. This includes 95,000 sq ft of retail & Commercial.

  • Developer: Camrost Felcorp
  • Address: 77 Burnhamthorpe Rd W, Mississauga
  • Nearest Intersection: Hurontario St & Burnhamthorpe Rd W
  • Pricing: TBD
  • Occupancy: TBD
  • Storeys / Suites: TBD
  • Suite Types: One Bedroom – Three Bedroom Suites
  • Suite Sizes: TBD
  • Maintenance Fees: TBD
  • Deposit Structure: TBD
  • Incentives: Platinum VIP Pricing & Floor Plans, First Access to the Best Availability, Capped Development Levies, Assignment Available

The Southlands Condos

Living this close to the largest shopping mall in Ontario has its perks. Square One has more than 350 shops and services where you will find everything you need in this vibrant downtown neighbourhood, moments from your door. The world is at your fingertips, from the Apple Store to Holt Renfrew, the exciting new Food District to the delicate wine pairings at Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & bar. With top-rated schools and several libraries close by, exciting attractions like the City Hall, Living Arts Centre, Celebration Square, Kariya Park, or the many options for indulgences day and night along the piazza, you can live stylishly well … close to home.

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About Camrost Felcorp

Camrost Felcorp has established its place as one of the foremost names in the development industry since 1976 by consistently leading the way in creating landmark condominiums, and is behind many of the Greater Toronto Area’s most distinctive and memorable residential communities and commercial properties. Unique in design, each is built on a similar foundation of superior craftsmanship, a pre-eminent address, and a timeless style that is ahead of the industry.

Southlands Condos

The convenience of being close to Ontario’s most prominent retail center is undeniable. Square One is a bustling downtown area with over 350 shops and services, so you can get anything you need right outside your door. The world is at your fingertips, from Apple to Holt Renfrew, the buzzing new Food District to Scaddabush Italian Kitchen & bar. You can have a high-class lifestyle without ever having to leave your neighbourhood, what with the excellent schools and several libraries in the area, as well as the City Hall, Living Arts Centre, Celebration Square, Kariya Park, and the various opportunities for indulgences day and night along the piazza.

Camrost Felcorp. Has announced the upcoming building of The Southlands Condos in Mississauga at the intersection of Burnhamthorpe and Kariya Gate.

The Southlands Condos are situated on 4 acres, and their four towers (60, 60, 45, and 75 floors) are spread throughout that area. There will be space for shops and offices totalling 95,000 square feet.

  • New Preconstruction CoPreconstructionauga

There are condos available in the heart of Mississauga at The Southlands. Mississauga’s development has been fueled mainly by the proximity of Toronto Pearson International Airport, Canada’s busiest and largest airport. Several corporations have made Mississauga their headquarters because of its convenient location to Toronto Pearson International Airport and the city proper.

Mississauga also boasts a stunning waterfront on Lake Ontario. The Credit River’s natural conservation grounds, the University of Toronto’s huge Erindale College campus on Mississauga Road, and the Hershey Centre, which organizes significant sports and entertainment events, all contribute to the foundation of a great community.

  • Camrost Felcorp’s Southlands Condos

Regarding Toronto area property development, only some names are as well-known or well-respected as Camrost Felcorp. Since their inception in 1976, they’ve consistently topped the competition. Their foresight in planning for the future is a significant factor in their achievements. Their goal is to make a lasting contribution to the skyline of Toronto.

  • The Southlands Condos

Construction is one of their primary businesses. They’ve constructed buildings over the years for both personal and business purposes. Their output is mind-boggling. So far, they have handled 60 structures, 10,000 units, and 2 million square feet of space. They have already put over a billion dollars into ongoing production and have no intentions of slowing down. Therefore they have become one of the city’s most visible supporters, helping shape its skyline and character.

  • The Southlands Master-Planned Community Projects

Key Information

Camrost Felcorp has launched a new pre-construction, The Southlands Condos. There will be space for shops and offices totalling 95,000 square feet. Additionally, there is commercial and retail space totalling 95,000 square feet—a location of 4 acres, with four towers ranging in height from 60 to 75 stories.

Camrost Felcorp is the company that built the property, and its address is 77 Burnhamthorpe Road West in Mississauga. The Hurontario Street and Burnhamthorpe Road West intersection is the closest major thoroughfare.

  • Pricing: To Be Determined
  • Occupancy: To Be Determined Suites and Stories: To Be Determined
  • Apartment Suites ranging from One to Three Bedrooms
  • The Standard Sizes of Our Suites: To Be Determined
  • Cost of Maintenance: To Be Determined
  • Structure of Deposits: To Be Determined
  • Incentives: Advantages such as access to Platinum VIP pricing and floor plans, priority booking, the best availability, development cost caps, and the option to assign

Camrost Felcorp: A Brief History

Since 1976, Camrost Felcorp has been one of the most trusted names in the development industry thanks to its pioneering work on some of the most iconic condominium complexes and commercial buildings in the Greater Toronto Area. Each is one-of-a-kind, yet they all share the same premium materials, top-notch construction, and cutting-edge design that make them stand out in their fields.

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