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Ajax Pre-Construction Condominiums and Homes

Ajax Pre-Construction

Ajax has two National Highways (401 & 407); Three Railways which connect Ajax to any part of the country (Via Rail, CP Rail & CN Rail); a Casino; Ajax Waterfront Lakeside Park; over 200 Dining Options; Population Growth doubled in Ajax in the last 20 years and is estimated to increase by 48.6% in the next 10 years. Also, Ajax has had the highest Appreciation (33%) in the GTA from 2012-2015. The Town of Ajax is investing $32.3 Million in infrastructure.

For many reasons, investing in real estate in Ajax, ON, is wise. Firstly, the real estate market in this area is strong, with prices steadily increasing and steady returns. Also, Ajax sits conveniently on Lake Ontario’s shores and is close to the vibrant city of Toronto. There are various properties, from luxury homes to convenient condos and apartments. Moreover, there are excellent schools and recreational facilities, including the Audley Recreation Centre and the McLean Community Centre. The area’s mix of businesses and community amenities make it attractive to prospective tenants and buyers. Property taxes in Ajax are relatively low, and the cost of living is reasonable. Lastly, with nearby GO Transit access, Ajax is convenient for commuters, making it a great option for people working in greater Toronto. Investing in real estate in Ajax, ON, provides investors with quality options in a growing market with excellent amenities and conveniently located transit.