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The Realty Bulls

About Team Realty Bulls

The Realty Bulls Team

About the Team Realty Bulls

The Team Realty Bulls is a leader in Preconstruction in Ontario. We have used our years of experience and expertise to build a solid team of professional, dedicated, and expert top producers in real estate services. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality services with our knowledge of the Real Estate Market in GTA and Outside Areas. Our key to success is our strength and strong relationship with quality Builders with some new and hot developments across Ontario. Our team is constantly keeping up-to-date on current strategies & technologies, giving us an advantage over other leading real estate teams in the industry. From growing neighbourhoods like Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, Niagara, London, and KWC Area to the bustling city center, We have a passion for the GTA and Outside communities that makes it unique. Let us assist you in finding your dream home in a neighbourhood that’s right for you and in the price range you want.

Get in touch with us via www.TheRealtyBulls.com.

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Our Team

Mohsin Shaikh - Save Max Bulls Realty

Mohsin Shaikh

Director of Sales & Marketing | Preconstruction Real Estate (Broker/Owner, Save Max Bulls Realty)

Mohsin truly believes that every challenge can be converted into an opportunity. As a newcomer to Canada in 2010, he had just a little more than an MD Medicine Degree from back home and an extremely solid mindset with a positive attitude. Running a successful medical mission overseas for a few years as a Medical Chief – he instilled a strong leadership quality which helped him get into the Clinical Research field in Canada during earlier years.

Discovering a passion and aptitude for the Real Estate business, he soon had his Real Estate License in 2017. Mohsin’s dream of offering clients the most effective and affordable services led him to establish his team and, later on, his independent brokerage franchisee. In just over a few years, his strong work ethic and business acumen have helped The Realty Bulls and Save Bulls grow from a very small team to a successful brokerage and a team of Top Producers in GTA pre-construction real estate.

A relationship-oriented person, Mohsin believes in building long-term associations with his clients, fellow realtors, builders, and other brokerages. Team Realty Bulls upholds his belief and adds Honesty, Integrity, and Trust to its corporate values and work culture.

Beyond his professional success, Mohsin works hard to give back to the community and regularly engages in fundraising activities, whether for a successful running hospital back home or having a regular food donation drive for the homeless in Toronto.

He is looking forward to creating more success stories and believes the world is full of opportunities for positive people.

Sid-Sarkar-BOR-Save Max Bulls Realty

Sid Sarkar

Broker of Record/Owner, Save Max Bulls Realty

Meet Sid, A broker you can relate to; he is extremely easygoing, honest, and accessible and has a straightforward and pragmatic approach to handling situations.

Sid is a founding partner of The Realty Bulls Team and Save Max Success Realty.
Sid has a total “hands-on” approach with his Real Estate business and is a huge advocate for “Working with TEAMS” and believes that everyone can achieve more with the “TEAM” approach.

Sid had been a hotelier and hospitality professional for a long time before deciding to leap into an entrepreneur. The Road to SUCCESS was long, complex, and often Bumpy, but he and his Team has come a long way, and today “The Realty Bulls” is genuinely a Team and a brand to reckon with in Pre Construction and so is “Save Max Bulls Realty.”

Sid aims to provide the most value and highest quality service to agents, buyers, and sellers, as everyone deserves nothing but the “BEST.”
With his corporate Team, Sid has designed scalable business models and can create entrepreneurs and not merely good Brokers. “More the merrier,” as the path to success should not be lonely.

Sid’s Vision is: “To help create the “mindset” to great entrepreneurial opportunities for everyone associated with him and to help them achieve financial freedom through consistently working hard and achieve the goals while upholding high levels of professionalism and ethics.”

Team Realty Bulls believes in creating success for others and building a strong network of successful team members.

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