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Montreal | Real Estate

  • The city, which welcomes over 35,000 international students annually, is undoubtedly one of the top student cities in North America.
  • The city boasts 50 collaborative workspaces, a testament to its ranking as the secondhighest in the world for telecommuting.
  • The city is renowned as a cultural center, boasting 70 museums and organizing 100 festivals annually.
  • It‘s a 9minute stroll from Core Downtown to the esteemed McGill University.
  • The city is renowned for being a major center for artificial intelligence, with a community of over 600 researchers and graduate students, as well as the world‘s biggest research laboratory for deep and reinforcement learning.
  • Montal experienced a historic high of $3.8 billion in direct foreign investment in 2021 an increase of 69% from the previous year.
  • Construction of a new building for the École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC), an affiliate of the Université de Montal, is close to being finished in the core of the financial district.
  • An enormous $8.4 billion has been put into the REM, the city‘s light rail system. 
  • Given that Montal offers direct flights to over 150 destinations, including 119 international destinations, it is unsurprising that many individuals wish to relocate to this city.
  • Montal is among the top ten cities globally for quality of life due to its variety, culture, and costeffectiveness, which puts it on an even footing with cities such as Copenhagen, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Manchester, and New York.