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Key Information

Welcome to MPV2, a beacon of low-carbon living in the heart of Brampton’s Mount Pleasant Village.

  • Developer: The Daniels Corporation
  • Marketing Company: Montana Steele
  • Building Type: Condos and Townhouses
  • Address: Bovaird Dr. W & Creditview Rd, Brampton
  • Pricing: from $ 4’00s!!!
  • Storeys / Suites: West Tower – 11 Storeys/ 169 Suites, Stacked Towns – 30 Units
  • Occupancy: Fall 2025
  • Suite Types: Studio – Three Bedroom Suites // Single & Two Level Stacked Condominium Towns
  • Deposit Structure: For Condos: $10,000 on Signing // Balance of 5% in 30 days // 5% in 200 Days / 5% on Occupancy, For Towns $10,000 on Signing / Balance to 5% in 30 Days / 5% in 365 Days
  • Incentives: Platinum VIP Pricing & Floor Plans, First Access to the Best Availability, Capped Development Levies, Assignment Available

A Live Forward Community

Daniels MPV2 is the first phase of a 19-acre, low-carbon master-planned community located at Bovaird Drive W. and Mississauga Road, only a short walk or bike ride to the Mount Pleasant GO Station. This revolutionary community will feature condominium suites utilizing geo-exchange, an energy-efficient heating and cooling system that provides renewable energy from the Earth’s core, and fossil fuel-free townhomes using an all-electric system that generates renewable energy with rooftop solar panels.

daniels mpv2 building render
Brampton Go Train

Well Connected Neighbourhood

  • Experience the benefits of living in a well-connected neighbourhood in Brampton. Mount Pleasant Village is an urban transit village rich in lifestyle amenities that offer connectivity, culture, and a sense of community. Live only a short walk or bike to the Mount Pleasant GO Station and enjoy easy access to the 400 series highways, thoughtful green spaces, shopping, schools, and other local amenities.
  • The area around the Daniels MPV2 is very walkable and has several amenities, making it easily accessible. There is a wide range of boutique stores, local eateries, big box stores, restaurants, bars and much more available here, along with several major attractions in the city.
  • Residents will be able to achieve most of their daily chores on foot without needing to use any car, thanks to the amazing walk score of the area.

About the Builder

The Daniels Corporation is one of Canada’s preeminent builders and developers, building over 35,000 award-winning homes across the Greater Toronto Area for over 38 years. At Daniels, we make with a passion for creating healthy, vibrant communities in every sense of the word.

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Daniels MPV2

The Daniels Corporation is developing a new condo and townhouse community called Daniels MPV2. The first phase of a low-carbon master-planned community will be located on 19 acres and have GeoExchange on all suites, providing energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. In addition, It provides diesel townhouses that use an all-electric system that creates renewable energy using solar panels installed on the rooftops. The completion of the project is anticipated for the year 2026, and its location in Brampton will be at the intersection of Bovaird Drive West and Mississauga Road. The Silver Creek Conservation Area, Gellert Community Park, and the Mount Pleasant GO Station are all within a short distance.

Enjoy The Idea Of Living In A Community That Makes The Most Of Living Space While Reducing Its Carbon Footprint? Practice Sustainable Living.

  • Coming Soon

The first phase of Brampton’s largest and most environmentally friendly master-planned community of condo units and townhomes is to be built.

Welcome to MPV2, a shining example of how to live a low-carbon lifestyle right in the middle of Mount Pleasant Village in Brampton. This innovative neighbourhood, designed with Daniels’ whole-life carbon commitment in mind, will ensure a good and enduring impact on the surrounding environment for the foreseeable future.

Mount Pleasant GO Station is easily accessible on foot or by bicycle from the first phase of the 19-acre, low-carbon, master-planned community known as Daniels MPV2, situated at the intersection of Bovaird Drive West and Mississauga Road. This revolutionary community will feature condo suites that utilize geo-exchange, an energy-efficient heating and cooling system that provides renewable energy from the Earth’s core, and net zero, fossil fuel-free townhomes that use an all-electric system that generates renewable energy with rooftop solar panels. In addition, the community will feature a community center that will provide educational opportunities for residents.

Suppose you make your home in the most extensive sustainable community Brampton offers. In that case, you can expect to enjoy a high standard of living without sacrificing your commitment to reducing your footprint on the Earth.

  • The Local Level Is Where Environmental Impact Begins

Imagine locations and areas that benefit you, the people in your community, and most importantly, the world. We at Daniels think caring for the environment should be an ongoing community effort starting in each individual’s backyard. Our commitment to whole-life carbon is more than just an idea; it is our commitment to design and create low-carbon communities to make you feel good about yourself and the world. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy where you reside for the sake of future generations.

Love Being a Part of Life While Trying to Leave | A Smaller Footprint? Maintain Your Connections

  • A Neighborhood With Good Connectivity

Feel the advantages of living in a location in Brampton that is well-served by public transportation. If you live far from the Mount Pleasant GO Station, you will have quick access to the 400 series roads, considerate open areas, retail, schools, and other local facilities. You can get there on foot or by bicycle. Mount Pleasant Town is an urban transit village abundant in lifestyle amenities and provides its residents with connectivity, cultural opportunities, and a sense of community.

  • Land Acknowledgment

Ongoing is the work that we are doing toward both truth and reconciliation. We are still dedicated to educating ourselves and getting to the bottom of the reality of the history we have in common with Indigenous Peoples. In keeping with our commitment to reconciliation, the Daniels Corporation acknowledges Indigenous Peoples’ inherent relationship with the lands, air, and water, all of which are part of their sacred relationship with Mother Earth. This acknowledgment was made because The Daniels Corporation owns lands in Canada.

We recognize that the land we are working and building in communities across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is part of the traditional territory of several Indigenous nations and that these communities are on treaty lands. The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has been a standard meeting ground for several countries for thousands of years. These nations include the Mississaugas of the Credit, whose territory consists of the Treaty lands, and the Anishinabek, Chippewa, Haudenosaunee, and Wendat Peoples, whose part consists of the shared environment.

The Greater Toronto Area is now home to various individuals from First Nations, Inuit, and Métis. We are thankful for their contributions and the opportunity to work and live alongside them in this region we consider our home.

  • Important Information

Welcome to MPV2, a shining example of how to live a low-carbon lifestyle right in the middle of Mount Pleasant Village in Brampton. This innovative community will have a long-lasting good influence on the environment because of Daniels’ Live Forward whole-life carbon pledge, designed for the community’s construction.

  • Condominium and townhouse construction are the types of buildings.
  • The Daniels Corporation is the company responsible for the development.
  • Montana Steele is the name of the marketing company.
  • Location: Bovaird Drive West and Creditview Road, Brampton Building Type: Condominiums and Townhouses Address:
  • Pricing: beginning in the hundreds of dollars!!!
  • Stories / Suites: The West Tower has 11 levels and 169 suites, and the Stacked Towns have 30 individual units.
  • Beginning of Occupancy: Autumn 2025

Studio apartments up to three-bedroom penthouses; single- and two-story stacked condo townhomes. Suites range in size from studio to three bedrooms.

Structure of the Deposit: $10,000 Due at the Time of Signing, 5% of the Balance Due in 30 Days, 5% Due in 200 Days, 5% Due in 500 Days, and 5% Due Upon Occupancy

Incentives: The development fees are capped, you can assign the lease, and you have unique access to platinum VIP pricing and floor plans. These advantages are available to you.

  • For 38 Years and Going Strong

For over three decades, the Daniels Corporation has established itself as one of Canada’s most successful homebuilders and real estate developers. During this time, they have constructed over 35,000 homes in the Greater Toronto Area that have won many accolades. At Daniels, we have a deep-seated commitment to developing communities that are wholesome and full of life in every sense of the word. What separates us from other companies in our sector is our unwavering commitment to design innovation, excellence in building, customer service, and social impact, and an approach that prioritizes environmental sustainability.

Daniels is pleased to have been constructing brand-new homes in Brampton for more than a decade, using a people-first approach to developing master-planned communities that make the most of their respective locations and ensure that homeowners adore the neighbourhoods in which they live.

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