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5 Types of Houses to Consider for Your Next Home in the GTA

February 28, 2023

Are you looking to invest in preconstruction homes in the Greater Toronto Area? 

The Canadian real estate market offers a wide selection of homes and apartments for those looking to buy a home. There is something for everyone, from townhouses and detached homes to duplexes and condominiums. 

Your preferred home depends on your budget, space, location, and desired features. 

Here’s a closer look at some of the most popular homes for sale in Canada.

  • Detached homes in Canada

Detached homes are the most common in Canada. These homes offer the most privacy and space with a standalone structure and private outdoor space at the front and back.

They are also the most expensive and come in different shapes and heights. 

Property taxes are higher than other homes because you own the land and the highly-valued home. Maintenance and upkeep are your sole responsibility.

Detached homes types are: 

  • Old fashioned cottages 

Cottages are traditional homes, often in the countryside leading to a massive deck. 

  • 1.5 storey buildings

These have an additional upper floor half the size of the first floor. Usually, the upper floor has a bedroom. House hunters prefer this home when they want to build only part of the second floor.

  • Split level homes

Split-level homes have the main floor area split by a few stairs to sleeping areas upstairs. Living and cooking areas are on the main floor, and a few stairs lead to the basement. It could be a side split or a back split.

  • Traditional bungalows

These are old-fashioned homes with minimal stairs. Living spaces and sleeping areas are on one level, and sometimes a few stairs lead to an additional bedroom.

  • Two storey homes 

These are the most common detached homes housing the basement below the cooking and living areas and the bedroom on the highest floor. 

  • Semidetached homes in Canada

Semidetached homes are two houses with a shared wall from the back or side. It’s a detached home split in two, where each family has their entrance.

Semis still have private front and backyards but share a fence and driveway. These are cheaper than detached homes.

  • Townhouses in Canada

Townhomes are two or 3-storey buildings that share walls on either side unless your house is on the rear side. They have fewer amenities, full-time staff and fewer services, so the maintenance fee is lower than the condo fee.

They are different from row houses in that they don’tdon’t share a facade, and the buildings are not uniform. They are also built-in groupings rather than rows.

Townhouses may or may not have front or backyards and a rooftop patio. We have two groups: freeholds and condominium townhouses, which are popular in the Greater Toronto Area.

  • Freehold townhouses in the GTA

Freehold townhouses are also known as single-family homes. You own the land and the building and are responsible for maintenance, upkeep, and utilities.

  • Townhouse condominiums in the GTA

Condominium townhouses have different financial and legal undertakings. You own part of the condo (the interior)and pay monthly maintenance fees for shared amenities. These include parking, front yard, water, sewage and garbage. 

A portion of that fee goes into the condo reserve fund to cater to significant condominium renovations. The condo corporation maintains the exterior.

  • Stacked townhouses in the GTA

Stacked townhouses are two or more townhouses stacked on each other and owned by different people. Builders split each townhouse into 2 or 3 levels, and they all have a private entrance and open spaces. These are cheaper than conventional two-storey buildings and are popular in the GTA.

  • Condominiums in the GTA

Condominiums are large buildings with many units, sometimes exceeding 50. Each team has a different owner, while people share the common areas, some amenities like a gym, play areas, a lounge, and an outdoor space. The condo corporation maintains these, and you pay a monthly maintenance fee.

  • Duplex, triplex, and fourplex in the GTA

These have two, three, or four homes, respectively, under one roof, where each home has a separate entrance. The patio and backyards may be for a single house. Often these homes have one owner who rents out the other units.

Next steps

Consider your options carefully if you want to buy a home in the Greater Toronto Area. Speak with a reputable real estate agent. It’s important. 

A detached home offers a lot of privacy, while a townhome is affordable.

Contact us now to learn more about the options available and make an informed decision about your next home purchase.