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Platinum Access in preconstruction real estate in Canada is an exclusive opportunity for individual investors to purchase units or properties in a development project before making them available to the general public.

Developers or real estate brokerage firms usually offer Platinum Access to a select group of buyers who have expressed interest in the project before its launch. These buyers are often given priority access to floor plans, pricing information, and the opportunity to reserve units at the earliest stage of the development.

The benefits of Platinum Access include the ability to secure units at lower prices before market values rise and the opportunity to choose the best teams and floor plans within the development. It also gives buyers the advantage of selling their unit assignments at a profit before completing the project.

Platinum Access is commonly used in major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, with high demand for pre-construction real estate. However, it is important for buyers to thoroughly research the development and perform due diligence to ensure that they are making a sound investment decision.

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