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Key Information

A high-rise mixed-use building consisting of 46- and 43-storey residential towers, atop a 6-storey podium containing office, live-work-office and retail uses, is proposed for the site. These heights are within the ranges indicated within the Yonge-Eglinton Secondary Plan which calls for development between 40 and 55 storeys within this character area.

Eglinton Greenline

At grade, a privately owned publicly accessible (POPS) network has been designed to implement the City of Toronto’s “Eglinton Greenline” vision for a linear park-like area along the north side of Eglinton, which also provides a midblock connection to two additional POPS spaces along with Redpath. This development aims to support transit infrastructure, job creation and the introduction of more housing to the Midtown area.

eglinton at redpath street render
eglinton at redpath alley render

Redpath Art Lane

  • A linear POPS along Eglinton, provided within an average 12-metre setback, would include space for programming, large street trees, unique landscaping, lighting and art features substantially improving the current context.
  • Access to year-round greenery within the building’s 6-storey, sky-lit atrium and a mid-block connection for enhanced site circulation.
  • An ‘Art Lane’ featuring unique street art, which beautifies the area and provides future programming opportunities.

Publicly Accessible Mid block Connection and 6-storey sky-lit Atrium

  • A diversity of uses and unit sizes, including office, live-work-office, residential and retail allows for opportunities to live, work and play in the area.
  • Two-level ‘live-work-office’ units, supported by business-focused amenity space, to foster entrepreneurial and start-up business activity.
  • Additional housing supply to help address the City’s shortage with excellent access to the subway and LRT, in line with the City’s Secondary Plan for Midtown.
  • Pick-up and drop-off areas from the rear of the building, leaving the building’s Eglinton frontage clear for pedestrian and recreational activity.
eglinton at redpath atrium lobby

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